Le Skinny Chef produces a wide range of artisan food products.


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Wasabi & Red Chilli Pepper  Dips

Our delicious Dips are created to add an extra experience to any dishes in the kitchen , they can be use as they are or added to any preparation,

Concentrated Soups

Our Concentrated Soups can serve 3 persons or more ! This soup concept is a base soup and we created those so you can make it to your liking ;), simply add milk or water and bring to boil, They are Gluten Free, Dairy Free ,Vegetarian ,Vegan and made from local seasonal natural ingredients

Authentic French Onion Soup

This delicious soup is inspired from an old recipe I did learn in a Michelin stared Restaurant in Paris during my first years in the kitchen ! Here's my serving suggestion, Bring it to boil and simply add your Gruyere Cheese, Baguette Croutons et voila !,makes great use in many dishes and sauces to !

Wild Garlic & Chilli Sauce

Our wild Garlic & Chili Sauce is delicious on almost everything, Great on stir fry, seasoning your salads, roasted potatoes, roast meat, or simply deep bread in and Completely Vegan ! voila !

Spreadable Pesto

Its the way we do it ! We make it with less oil and add more good Natural ingredients ! Its smooth spreadable texture makes great use on wrap, pizza base, sandwich, Hold a great consistence while cooking ,delicious in a salad, spread on fish or chicken before baking and many many more dishes you can create with this product

Creation Chutneys

A Chutneys should be like a good Wine or a good Cheese ! full of aroma, long lasting flavors and texture on the palate brushed with mild spices ..Le Skinny Chef Creations Chutney deliver just That !

Beetroot & Sweet Corn Relish

Our delicious Relish, are Cooked just right to capture the texture and flavors , add it to your favorite dishes or salads to create your own dinning experience

Spiced Tomato Relish

Enjoy it cold or hot, on vegetables, wraps, salad, delicious with couscous, rice, pasta , with meat or fish before or after cooking

Smokey BBQ Sauce

This Vegan BBQ Sauce can be enjoy hot or cold with any vegetable, meat or fish dishes, Can also makes a lovely sauce added to mayonnaise

Red Pepper Chilli Sauce

Our Red Pepper Chili Sauce can be enjoy with everything, serve it hot or cold with your favorite, vegetarian, meat or fish dishes

Irish Whisky & Peppercorn Sauce

Ideal for your Steak or grilled Chicken Sauce, at the end of cooking just add 1 table spoon of Concentrated sauce to 1 spoon of fresh cream ,et Voila it's ready!

Creative Jams

why Jams were created ? it was to keep our favorite fruits crops to last trough the seasons , so keeping the fruits flavor with the list sugar is a must, That's what we do with our creative jams and just adding an extra flavor touch !

Dressing & Vinaigrette

Just add it to your salad , But also great as a marinade for cooking, just try it ! the blackened dressing with salmon or chicken as a marinade before cooking, or our french dressing with a hot potatoes salad, it's just delicieux !

NEW ! Rose Hip & Chilli ketchup

***New Seasonal Product ! Rose Hip & Chilli Ketchup is punch with natural vitamins c a great healthy option it's: Gluten free Lactose free Tomato Free Dairy free Vegetarian /Vegan

wild Garden Blossom Cordials

Make the famous French Aperitif ''Le Kir'' add your concentrated cordial to wine or Champagne ,add it to your tea, season your fresh fruits salad,use it to make ice cream or baking ,or just great with sparkling water to, our cordials are concentrated so you can dilute it to your liking

 Our passion for good Local foods is constantly driven with creations & innovations

 so don't forget to pop back here to discover what Le Skinny Chef created for your food experience   !