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Pan Seared Fresh Fillet of Mackerel Wasabi

Pan Seared Fresh Fillets of Mackerel wasabi with saute potatoes

*Serving 2 person

preparation 5 Minutes

*Prepare your mackerel fillets remove center bone by cutting strips along the middle of the fillet the all length of the fillet, keep the skin on

*Pre cook the baby potatoes in salted water, strain and slice (20 minutes)

*Place on a Marinade tray add the pre-cook and sliced baby potatoes add 3 large spoons of le skinny chef mild wasabi dip and gently stir in to marinate

*Place a large frying pan on the cooker at high heat ,.make sure its very hot before you place the fish and potatoes on it

*sear on both side for 2 minute then finish the cooking in the oven for 3 minutes at 180 c if necessary, season to taste and serve Voila , Bon Appetit!

*Also Enjoy with a nice salad ,the vegetables of your choices and some wasabi with chopped


Ingredients :

6 large fillets of Mackerel

3 large table spoons of le skinny chef Wasabi Dip

8 baby potatoes

salt, pepper

* For dishing up , Fresh dill fresh dill

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