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The Sailing club's Mussels

Cooking demonstration greystones sailing club Thursday 09/02/17.

the Sailing Club's mussels by le skinny chef with red pesto cream

ingredients :

1 kg of fresh mussels

3 large table spoons of le skinny chef red pesto

4 large mushrooms

4 shallots

6 cloves of garlic

100ml of dry white wine

50 ml of light cream

1 table spoon of rapeseed oil

fresh wild garlic or parsley

*serving 2 person

preparation 10 minutes,

* Prepare 1 kg of fresh mussels,remove the string attachment from the side of the mussels,set aside to cook later

*Slice 4 mushrooms,4 shallots,6 cloves of garlic

*Place a large frying pan on the medium heat with 1 table spoon of rapeseed oil and stir in the mushroom,shallots, garlic for 3 minutes

*then stir in the mussels and add 100 ml of white wine ,cover and cook till the mussels open up should take about 3/4 minute

*remove 3/4 of the stock from the mussels(reserve)

*Add to the Mussels 3 large table spoon of delicious " le skinny chef red pesto "

*Add 50 ml of light fresh cream ,place on the medium heat and stir very gently till the sauce as coated the mussels

* For extra freshness add some freshly chopped wild garlic leaves or parsley

voila ,bon appetit

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