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Poached Lemon Sole & Salmon Paupiette with wholegrain mustard sauce

Poached Salmon and lemon sole paupiette with grain mustard sauce by le skinny chef

* serving for 2 person

*Dice 2 fillet of salmon in 3 squares

*slice 2 fillet of lemon sole in 3 strips

*strap the salmon with the lemon sole and attach using a toothpick

*in a sauce pan place 100 ml of white wine and season with salt and pepper

*add 2 large diced shallots and 1 clove of garlic

*bring to boil and place the fish in the pan ,simmer 2 minutes and carefully turn them

*simmer an other 2 minute and cover ,finish the cooking at very slow heat for 4 minutes

*remove the fish from the pan and set a side

*place the pan on the cooker at medium heat

*add 50 ml of light cream and 1 table spoon of wholegrain mustard and reduce the sauce

*remove the tooth pick from the fish

*serve on the sauce et voila !

*Bon appétit

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